Benefits for Men

Are you looking for a competitive edge?
Have you been thinking about removing excess body hair, to really show off the results of all that body building and toning you have been doing in the gym?
Or maybe, you are an athlete, cyclist or tri-athlete?

Cyclists have noted that hair-free legs not only improve wound healing should they fall and get road rash, but also an increase in their performance due to smooth legs being more aero-dynamic.

Swimmers have a long history of the “shave and taper” system before big swim events and benefit particularly from hydro-dynamic improvements. Why shave or wax and suffer from unsightly lumps and bumps, ingrown hairs or shave rash, when you can have a smooth hair-free body with laser hair removal?

It saves you precious time, hard earned money and most importantly, Unwanted Pain.
At Noosa Laser Clinic, we are not a Doctor’s office, nor are we an overly feminine spa. We are a standalone business within a Wellness Centre with modalities such as Chiropractic, Podiatry, Laser Pain Relief, Massage and Dietetics. So you can rest assured your visit will be handled with the utmost respect and treatment of our clients will be in a confidential and comfortable environment.