Are you asking yourself, What Exactly is DERMAPLANING?

Dermaplaning is a treatment that involves gently pulling a surgical scalpel, which is specifically designed at a 45 degree angle, along your skin. The smaller blade sloughs off DEAD SKIN CELLS in addition to removing wispy facial hair and revealing skin that is more even in Tone and Texture.

This procedure creates a flawless surface that allows better application of makeup. It also prepares the skin for advanced treatments such as chemical peel, laser treatment, etc. The procedure can be repeated every 4-6 weeks, based on requirement.


Dermaplaning, a deep exfoliation process offers the following advantages:

• Dermaplaning triggers cell regeneration process

• May reduce appearance of enlarged pores

• Allows deeper penetration of make-up

• May reduce the appearance of surface wrinkling

• Gives the skin an even tone and smoother appearance

• Provides excellent exfoliation

• Unblocks blackheads

• Removes keratinized skin cells

• Increases the efficiency of a chemical peel, as it prepares the skin for the process

• Generates healthy cells whereby your skin breathes better

• Very little downtime

• No chemicals are used

• Minimal side effects