Laser Hair Removal is safer and preferable to other treatments such as Shaving and avoids the risk of “shaving bumps” and ingrown hairs. Other treatments like Depilatory Creams can cause chemical burns, whilst Waxing (OUCH) requires hair growth that really misses the point and purpose of hair removal.

We appreciate that the decision between bikini, extended bikini line (or as we like to call it “a travelling bikini” and a Brazilian is a personal choice. At Noosa Laser Clinic we are happy to discuss options and choose what is right for you.

What is included in a Female Brazilian?

A female Brazilian treatment includes removal of all hair from the entire pubic area, excluding the perineum.

Modesty during treatment

At Noosa Laser Clinic, our fully qualified and professional technicians work to create and maintain a friendly, courteous and safe environment at all times for our clients. We understand the need to preserve modesty and have all experienced the laser hair removal regime. You will be greeted warmly and be made comfortable in our air conditioned room, allowed to undress in private and be provided with a modesty sheet. But most importantly, you will have the SAME therapist performing all of your consecutive treatments. The pleasing results far outweigh the minor embarrassment that some people feel during the treatment.